About Amico Artists

Amico Artists is a project of Campaign Digital, Inc., a Maryland non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed in  2007.  All projects of Campaign Digital, Inc. are intended to explore new ways to use the Internet to promote and encourage active citizen participation in public life.  We link people to activities through the Internet and, through our projects, hope to connect people of goodwill internationally through digital diplomacy initiatives and social networking.

Amico Artists is an initiative to promote cultural exchange among artists globally.  This website invites artists and arts supporters to arrange events and exchanges, participate in or sponsor public arts projects, and discuss issues.  We advocate for inclusion of the arts as part of public life and encourage public support of the arts. 

Communicating through the arts is an effective way to encourage cultural understanding among people and involves them in enriching experience in their own communities or in other environment.


Contact us at:

Amico Artists Director: Caroline Sparks, Ph.D.         administrator@amicoartists.com


Amico Artists Advisory Board

Brian T. Carney, Washington, DC

Karen Drinkard, Guntersville, AL

Jacquelyn Gentry, Glenndale, MD

Robin Kelley, Washington, DC

Malinee Peris, Washington, DC

Elke Wojan, Aspen Hill, Maryland




11122 Nicholas Dr. 
Silver Spring, MD 20902

phone: 202-236-3743