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Donation Options

Option 1: Donate for single CDs

Please send me a single CDs for $16.00 or additional copies at $16.00 each. For orders of a dozen or more CDs, please see Section 2 below.

Note: half the purchase price is a tax deductible donation. In addition to supporting the Amico Artists cancer CD program, a portion of your donation will be sent to a cancer survivorship or treatment program.

Your order is securely processed by PayPal.

Please designate wher your donation should go:

Other Program to support:

On behalf of (optional)

Option 2: Large Orders

Groups and individuals my also give donations and receive a dozen CDs for each $100.00 donation so that they may give them to cancer survivors or to raise money for their cancer treatment or survivor programs.

Note: If you want us to give the CDs out to cancer survivors, please indicate that as your preference and instead of shipping the CDs to you, we will give them to a cancer survivor program.

Unless you designate that your donation is anonymous (just leave blank), we will place a sticker on the back of each CD that reads:

"Donated by ______", and "Donated on behalf of ______"

For my donation, I would like you to:

Add sticker "Donated by"

Add sticker "On behalf of"

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